Friday, June 7, 2013


At three years old, this little man spouts 
some of the most interesting and entertaining musings:
  • "Momma, I'm going to get bigger and bigger and bigger
    and be a daddy and get coffee. I do like coffee ...
    I'm going to get bigger all by myself. And eat a sandwich."

  • "But momma, I don't want hair on my bottom!"
    (He was even more horrified to learn that
    everyone has hair ALL OVER their bodies!)

  • "Daddy's a big strong man. He can get that boat down for me."
    (In reference to a kayak on display in a store)

  • "I don't like meat. I just like chicken."

Sunday, June 2, 2013


A new normal has settled in around us, almost without notice. It's been 10 weeks now since we welcomed Jo into our lives - sometimes I forget what life was like before. The boys adore having a baby sister & run to help whenever she cries (which at times is much less helpful than they think). No one sleeps as much as Momma would like, but we somehow manage to function regardless.

Our days are full of snacks & games, nursing & naps, mud in the backyard, and bedtime stories. We never knew how much our family needed this little girl, but we couldn't imagine any other life now.