Wednesday, July 31, 2013


There are so many things I should be doing right now. The laundry needs to be moved (and folded), dishes are piling up on my counters, toys litter the living room floor. But my children are sleeping, and I haven't taken a moment to write in far too long. At times, the itch sneaks up on me again, and my hand reaches for a pen to put down thoughts on a page. But my attention is so quickly required elsewhere these days, and nothing to be proud of has formulated.

The sounds of slumber echo through this temporarily-quiet house. Soon, small voices will fill this space, but for now, I breathe deeply and reap the benefits of this triple-nap.

I've been absent from this space far too much since the birth of my second child; there are far too many gaps to fill. That second child will soon become a two-year-old, and his baby sister has now spent more than four months outside my body. Time moves so quickly, the moments slip through my fingers before I have a chance to record them. Perhaps a few photos will make up for my lack of wordy updates?

For the record, I'm better at updating via Instagram.