Sunday, September 1, 2013

Educated Decisions

After following "the norm" for years, I started to wonder if there was another, better (for us) way of doing things. I did massive amounts of research and came to discover that the status was not, in fact, quo. Here are a few things that we've decided to do a little differently:
  • Car Seats - while RJ & Eli are beyond the legal limits to be facing front in a vehicle, they are still below the height and weight maximums for rear-facing. Since being turned around lowers their risk of serious injury by about 90%, they won't be looking out the windshield for a while. (Also, they LOVE their 'backwards seats'.)
  • Vaccines - as a white, middle-class family, with no concerning family history, our risk factors for many vaccinated diseases are incredibly low. Coupled with the much higher risk of negative side effects from injecting preservatives and additives into our bloodstreams, we've chosen to opt out of or delay vaccinations. We've found a wonderfully supportive pediatrician in our area who not only agrees with this decision, but also assists in my research.
  • Medicines - instead of handing out antibiotics for childhood illnesses, our pediatrician prescribes essential oils and homeopathic treatments, which is also what we use at home. We've been able to successfully treat many ailments (nausea, swelling & allergic reaction, headaches, gasiness, cold & flu symptoms, etc) naturally, and have seen a quicker, easier recovery in most cases. I still keep a few conventional medicines in the cabinet, just in case, but haven't had need for them in months.
While these things work for our family, they may not be the answer for everyone.

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