Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Be Gentle

In the middle of the mess and chaos, my voice is raised much too high. "Stop it!" They want to touch anything I've put off limits. "Put that down!" There is banging and crashing and noise. "Be gentle!" And then I hear it - that quiet voice - reminding me to listen to my own words. Stop it - stop letting them get the better of me, stop choosing to yell when I could speak in kindness.

Put that down - put down the to do list and allow them to enjoy the presence of their mother, put down the phone and focus on the children.

Be gentle - be gentle with these little people, whoes lives have been entrusted to my care. Remember that they are fragile, and my words make such an enormous difference in their lives. Listen gently without rushing, move gently and not in anger, speak gently instead of harshly.

And most of all, show them love in all things. Take a deep breath, Momma, and just love them.

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