Sunday, October 4, 2015

Beginning Again

It's ingrained in the very fiber of our being, this want of a family - a spouse, a child, more children. We long to find that special one to marry, and then to create offspring together. No sooner do those small blessings arrive than do we start wishing for them to grow up, to become more independent, to branch out and become their own selves. But once they do, we yearn for them to be small again, to snuggle into our arms and need us to care for them.

This constant longing for the next (or last, or far gone) stage rob us of the present joy. We spend so much time looking forward (or back) that we miss out on the here and now. And I don't want to miss out on Now anymore, don't want to forget the things of today.

This blog has sat silent for far too long, while I waited for my children to grow up enough that I might have more time to write. But no more - no more will I wish them to be grown, no more will I push off the writing to another day. No more will I let myself forget the small joys among the chaos. No more. This is the beginning of a new chapter in this blog's life - one where I write more and wish less. This next chapter may be less polished and prepared, but it will also more thankful for the days we have. Won't you join me on this next adventure?

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