More About Me

Wife, Momma, Homemaker - 
these are the titles given me, and I wear them with pride.

At the tender age of 19, I married the man of my dreams, and we set off on one crazy adventure. 8 years and 4 children later, we're still trusting the Lord to guide our path. Not wanting to forget one single detail about our life, this blog is a place for me to chronicle our excitement and record memories for our babies:
  • RJ - born April 2010, he continues to melt my heart & test my patience daily. This year begins his educational career as he steps out as a Kindergartener.
  • Eli - born September 2011, he wants so badly to be big like his brother, and grows closer every day. An incredibly helpful boy, he rules the roost while RJ is away.
  • JoJo - born March 2013, a refreshing burst of daintiness into our dirt and rocks, and a budding mother to all things smaller than she - including her baby sister.
  • Edie - born November 2014, she rounded out our numbers and filled our hearts with joy. Already clamoring to keep up with the bigs, she's ready for anything.
I write, sew, photograph, and cook - but mostly, I mother. We stack blocks and read books, change diapers and nurse littles.  I bandage scrapes and fill juice cups while they learn about their world, and I try to keep up with them as the sleep deprivation slows me down.

Yes, my hands are full - but so is my heart.

Twitter: @LilMissesKate

Instagram: LittleMissesKate


  1. It is wonderful to meet you! Congratulations on your upcoming new arrival.

    You have a wonderful start to homeschooling and how blessed your children are to have your love and attention. Filling juice cups and bandaging scrapes sounds wonderful. My son is leaving for college in a little bit, I look back on those juice cup days and smile. Sounds like you are enjoying every moment :)

    Hope to meet up again on each other's blogs!

  2. Stopping by from MOB Society, love your site and love this blog hop! looking forward to getting to know you, come visit me!

    The Petunia,

  3. I'm visiting from the MOB Society blog hop. I look forward to reading more of your blog. I remember when My older son (now 3) was climbing all over my tummy (little brother is now 1). I thought it would be a miracle if his brother even survived being inside me, but they are growing closer each day. I know with your love, guidance and God's help you will have two fantastic young men on your hands before you know it! Come visit us

  4. hi! just hopping by from the MOB Society! My son Aaron was a bradley birth baby! His sister was later born also a bradley baby but at home in the water! Congratulations on your coming little one! Both mine were born in September! Great month in my opinion!

  5. I jumped over from MOB. It does sound like your life is full and it's about to get fuller! It was surprising to me how I found it easier to have two boys than one. (The baby was fascinated by his big brother.) Then there were two more boys, and well...the rest is in a book!

    Great to meet you. Hope you'll come by sometime.