Thursday, October 28, 2010

High Chair

Since Little Man is now eating 'real' food, he needed a 'real' seat. We had been using his Bumbo chair, with an attaching  tray, but he's starting to figure out how to wiggle around and nearly get himself out of it. Time for a high chair, with a buckle.

We searched high and low for a chair to fit our needs - I had a few requirements I wasn't willing to compromise on:

I wanted a chair that was affordable, easy to clean (either all plastic or with a removable seat cover that could be machine washed), and portable (folding small or disassemble-able). We found affordable chairs, but their seats were fabric and non-removable. We found chairs with removable seats, but they either didn't fold down or were too pricey (or both!). Finaly, I remembered seeing a post on another blog featuring a chair that might fit our needs. Sure enough, IKEA came to our rescue with an all-plastic chair (with plush, machine-washable insert) who's legs pop off for easy transport. Hurray!

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  1. A girlfriend of mine - who has three boys three and under - has three of these chairs and loves them!