Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Squash & Green Beans

Two new vegetables have been added to Little Man's diet. Last Friday, we started him on Squash to finish out the yellow/orange veggies, which were a smash hit. It turns out that he much prefers rice with flavor to plain white rice cereal. He took to the squash just as he had to carrots and sweet potatoes - with vigorous approval.

This morning, we began introducing green veggies, starting with green beans. Once again, he chowed down as quickly as he could. He's learned that he can hold the pinkie of the hand that feeds him, and pull it into his mouth when he's ready for the next bite. We're still mixing the majority of the chosen vegetable with rice cereal, to help bulk up on calories, but are also saving a small amount of 'plain' veggies as a treat at the end of a meal since that seams to be his preference.

We're quickly making our way through the First Stage vegetables [only Peas left!], and will be moving on to fruits in the next couple of weeks. We might just be as excited as Little Man is to try something new!

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