Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Six Months

Six months ago today, we were graced with the gift of this lovely little boy. Our family grew from 'just the two of us' to a wholesome 'three's company'.

In the past months, our baby boy has grown into a babbling, drooling, fruit-&-veggie eating machine. He thinks he's ready to run off to play, but his still-developing legs say otherwise. Poor guy gets so frustrated when he can't move on his own - but we know it's only a matter to time until we're chasing him around the house! 

This first half of your first year, my son, has been filled with smiles - we pray that the next half may be equally as joyful. We're excited for you to grow up - just don't do it too quickly.

Happy Six-Month's Birthday, Little Man!

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