Thursday, December 2, 2010


Lately, my creative bones have been aching to see some action. They were, admittedly, a little worn out after making an entire person, but after 7 months of recuperation, they're ready to get back in the game. 

Enter Grandma's Sewing Machine.

My Grandma passed her old machine down to my Mom many years ago when she updated to a better, newer model. My Mom, having never been much for sewing, let it rest on a shelf in her closet until I asked to borrow it. "Borrow?" she asked. "You could take it with you, if you'd like." And instantly, I yearned to be a seamstress.

Problem: I have zero training and/or skills when it comes to sewing. 
Solution: the World Wide Web, and a Grandma with a cell phone.

After a quick tutorial from the original owner [I'm so lucky to have her on speed-dial!] over things like proper  threading techniques and tightening stitches, I was all set up and ready to tackle a new project. Finding myself in need of supplies [thread, straight pins, etc.], I packed up Little Man and headed to the store.

While purchasing straight pins, I realized that a pin cushion would be ideal. I nearly grabbed a tomato cushion [owned by every upstanding seamstress I know], but balked at the $5 price tag. Couldn't I just make my own? Indeed, with a $0.43 piece of felt and a little of the stuffing I needed to get for another project anyway, I came up with this:
a pin-pillow, holding 80 pins, and ready for use.

And with that, everything is all set up and I'm ready to get creating!

[Technically, this seat cushion slip-cover was my first project, 
but not being in (or for) my own home, we're only sort-of counting it.]


  1. How fun!! I just recently got into quilting (and got a new sewing machine for Christmas last year) and having a blast!! Hope you have a good time with your sewing machine :)

  2. I love my sewing machine. I find that I have to be really motivated to sew (which comes more in the spring) because I also love to read like crazy, and have 2 kids running around.