Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moving Excitements

Our goal tonight was to finish packing the truck. Fortunately, so glitches in the plan have allowed us a few extra days in our moving process, and we were able to call it quits a little early. Tomorrow, it will get done, but we need to extra rest tonight.

In order to pay for the move, the military provides us with a credit card which they pay off with funds set aside for us. Having used this card many times before, including our trip here in November, we didn't anticipate any craziness this time around. That was our first mistake. 

The Air Force is transitioning from one type of card to a 'bettter' one, and it seems we've been caught in the middle. Our new card had been mailed out. Instead of waiting until we activated the new one, however, our existing card has been canceled in anticipation. Since New Card is being sent to our home of record, which happens to be in Texas, we're without any form of payment for all the things we've set up - not to mention, gas and food for the trip.

Luckily, I was able to talk with some helpful ladies today, and a NEW New Card is being sent directly to us here in Mississippi. Thankfully, there are still some brains left in this government bureaucracy, or I'm not sure how were would have handled things.

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