Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Since we didn't make it to the housing office in time yesterday, we went by on Husby's lunch break this afternoon. They gave us keys to two houses, and left us free to tour them both and choose which would work better for us - a pleasant surprise when we were expecting to simply be assigned a house. Husby had to get back to class, so we took a fast look at each so that I could get his opinions. After he left, Little Man & I went through each home again, looking closer at the details and arranging imaginary furniture. We were able to come to a decision [it was close, but Little Man's input tipped the scales], and accompany Husby back to the office after class to record our desired housing location. 

All that's left is to do a walk-through inspection tomorrow afternoon with the housing manager, and then it's ours! By this time tomorrow, we'll be unloading the truck into our house. Some days, being an adult isn't all that bad.

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