Monday, November 15, 2010


After aproximately 2 hours of sleep, Husby was off to his first day of training this morning at 0600 [my life is now lived in military time]. My mom & dad (Grandma & Grandpa) were here until noonish, then headed back to Dallas. Luckily, Grandpa was able to take the day off - otherwise he would have been up with Husby and off to the airport for a 0715 flight in order to land in Dallas in time to make it into work [not so fun when you've been in a moving truck for three days and only just went to bed a couple of hours before].

Great-Grandma [GG] & Pop just happen to be in town to visit with some friends, so we've had the pleasure of their company again while we get settled in. Hopefully, they'll be able to stick around and help us get organized in our new place. I could at least use a playmate for Little Man, so that I can get anything done!

We were supposed to get a housing tour this afternoon, so that we could get started on all the paperwork to get us moved into base housing, but when we showed up at 1550 (3:50pm), we were told that all keys have to be back by 1500 [and the office was closing in 10 minutes], so we'd have to come back tomorrow. Blast.

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