Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What a helpful boy I have! This afternoon, as I was folding laundry, he was kind enough to pick up the articles nearest him and deposit them back in the basket from which I had removed them just moments before.

See that last one? Those are matched, folded socks he's tossing back!

When all the laundry had been removed from the basket, he was insistent that he be allowed to play in it. Who was I to argue with a child who asked to be corralled? Of course, he did require a sock to chew on, but luckily I had one without a mate to donate to his fun.

I believe that's a literal translation of "put a sock in it".

When he wasn't chewing socks, he noticed that there was a pile of clothes yet to be folded in his vicinity. Eager to help Momma, he reached for the edge, only to find it just beyond arm's length - but don't think for a second that anything so simple could stop him!

It appears we now have a child who possesses the ability to pull up in order to stand ... oh, dear!

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