Sunday, January 2, 2011

Paci Clips

Little Man has taken to throwing his paci when he thinks he doesn't need it anymore, and then crying for it less than 2 minutes later. When he was about a month old, my mom bought him a paci clip - that tiny piece of ribbon saved my life. No longer was a searching for his much-needed comfort while he screeched in my ear. But recently we stopped using the clip, as the velcro which held it to the paci loop began to loosen, causing the whole thing to periodically come undone and sending the paci to the floor. As this would just not do, I set out to find a solution, and came upon some tutorials on sewing them at home.

Rather than spend >$5 on a piece of ribbon on a suspender clip, I spent <$10 on materials and made 5 of my own - plus a longer one, without a clip, that attaches to the side of the car seat. Less than an hour later, I have the convenience of [nearly] always being able to find a paci when I need it. Plus, I have plenty of ribbons left, so I can make more anytime we [or anyone else] need(s) them.

Click the above photo for step-by-step images of the project.

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  1. You constantly amaze me. Good job!