Monday, January 10, 2011


As good Americans, Husby and I have gotten ourselves into a significant amount of debt. We still owe on both our cars, have more credit cards than should be allowed, and need to repay those who have helped us along the way. Plus, we're 'educated' people - meaning we enough have student loans to weigh us down for more years than I'd like to imagine. All told, our total debt is over the quintuple digit threshold - yikes. As you can imagine, the thought of how long we'll be paying on these debts just about knocks me over at times. There is a permanent rock at the pit of my stomach, pulling harder when I think about the dollars we owe. 

As the next paycheck rolls in, it becomes clear that we will be in debt for a long time to come. While we're able to make payments on our accounts, at the end of the month, there isn't much money left over to get ahead. But I just keep telling myself that we have a place to sleep and food to eat; as long as we're provided for, and making an effort to get out of debt, the pit of my stomach isn't quite as agitated. 

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  1. If you can get any sort of Dave Ramsey program, do it. It has helped us out enormously. We did Financial Peace University after St. Paul was done with it, but I think the basic rules are laid out in his book The Total Money Makeover. I has taken our stress down hugely. Hopefully it can help you, too! -Crysten