Friday, March 4, 2011

Mommy Day

After 10 months of non-stop Mommying - not to mention the preceding gestation - I was more than ready for a day off. Husby graciously volunteered to have a Man Day with RJ while I took a Mommy Day for myself. The boys ran manly errands like taking a trip to the hardware store, and I got a chance to do some shopping and self-maintenance without worrying about how long I had until the next meltdown.

My agenda included a haircut and eyebrow wax - both of which were well overdue - and a search for at least one new maternity top. Success on all fronts! I last had a haircut when we were still in Texas, and it wasn't a good one at that - I hate it when the stylist doesn't really listen to what I'm asking for, and/or adds in an element I didn't want, which is what I got last time around. This time, I was as clear as I could be explaining the very simple cut I desired, and she rocked it. *sigh of relief* My new 'do, while just what I wanted, also served to highlight the caterpillars which had taken up residence above my eyelids. It was high time for a wax, even if my pregnant skin wasn't really on-board with the idea. But even a red inflamed face didn't stop me from doing some shopping, and without a winy toddler along for the ride I was able to try on clothes for the first time in months. Unfortunately, the majority of what was available was ... not my style. I did score one sweet new top though, and I'm pretty excited to have a 'nice' maternity shirt. As an added bonus, I decided to check out the $10 Boutique next door to see what goodies they might have to offer, and landed myself a new purse to boot.

After over four hours on my own, I was ready for some lunch and some down-time with Husby. I learned by text that RJ had just gone down for his afternoon nap, and Husby hadn't eaten yet either, so I stopped by our new favorite Chinese restaurant on my way home for a stash of Crab Rangoons and other delightful take-out. Once home, a nice relaxing afternoon awaited me - one where I got to spend the rest of RJ's nap alone with Husby, and even when he did get up his Daddy continued to keep him occupied so that I could rest. It was blissful. I might just have to make this Mommy Day thing a more frequent occurrence.

  • Haircut: $25
  • Eyebrow Wax: $10
  • Pretty Shirt: $15
  • Cute Purse: $10
  • Total: $60
  • Having a day to do whatever I want: Priceless.

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  1. Sounds wonderful and it was well deserved! ((Hugs)) to all!