Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On, Wisconsin

Early this morning we loaded ourselves up in Grandma's van (along with Grandpa, Uncle A, and Aunties Boo & K) for a flight to Wisconsin. Arriving in a new climate, we report only one fatality of travel - a sippy cup that was accidentally left with Grandma [good thing I always pack a spare!]. We were greeted by a Great-Aunt, who loved snuggling RJ, and quickly headed off to Grammy's house. With only moments to spare, Grandpa took RJ and me to lunch at a near-by assisted living center, where Great-Grandpa has been calling home for the past few weeks. A lovely lunch was shared - both Grandpas enjoyed having RJ along, and he charmed anyone who would look our way.

The Aunties and Uncle joined us again after lunch for some quality family time with Great-Grandpa. The three of them unfortunately had to fly home this afternoon, but we were able to squeeze in a couple of hours together before they headed back to the airport.

Great-Grandpa, RJ, Grandpa & Uncle Aaron
Four Generations of Browne Men

Four Generations
Great-Grandpa, RJ, Grandpa, Momma

After things quieted down, Grandpa and I set to work choosing and cleaning furniture for Great-Grandpa's new home. Until now, he had been a temporary resident, but his health has dictated that he stay permanently where there is someone qualified to care for him. We are relieved that he is being taken care of, and glad that we can be here to help with the move. Located were a bed, dresser, two night tables, and his recliner - to be moved in tomorrow at noon. Another quick sleep awaits us tonight before it's back to work tomorrow!

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