Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Change of Plans

Just as my siblings were leaving yesterday, our dear cousin arrived [they missed each other by that much!]. She and her mom, our Great-Aunt chauffeur, have enjoyed having RJ to play with. I am eternally grateful for their willingness to spend time with him, since I have had many other duties which begged my time today.

Our morning was spent readying and loading furniture to move into Great-Grandpa's new home at the assisted living center. We arrived on-site with our fully-loaded trailer to find his room empty of the borrowed furniture the center had been letting him use until now, ready and waiting for us to get him settled. The men set to work bringing up piece after piece and setting them in the hallway, as a nurse had just arrived to check on Great-Grandpa and give him his lunchtime meds. Since my present condition prevents me from carrying heavy furniture, I was able to sit in on the 'exam', listen to the nurse's remark, and ask a few clarifying questions; much detail was gleaned which has previously been unknown to many of us. As the visiting nurse left, we escorted Great-Grandpa down to the dining hall for his noon meal and began setting up his room for him. Before we knew it, the resident nurse came to talk to us, alerting us to the discussion she had with his doctor and the visiting nurse and their decision to send him to the hospital for a few days - he had been retaining water quite severely, and there was concern for a more forceful approach to remedy the situation.

Some shuffling of peoples was needed before we could head to the hospital, but there wasn't an urgent need for him to be seen immediately. We were able to take RJ back to Grammy's house for a nap with a Great-Aunt and cousin to keep an eye on him. Grammy, Grandpa and I then went back to the center to pick up Great-Grandpa and get him checked-in at the local ER. The center sent with us a write-up of his condition and recommendations for treatment, and we were soon taken back to a room for a few tests. It was determined that he would need to be admitted, but the process could take a few hours, so he sent us away to get some dinner. 

Once we were all fed and RJ was bathed and in bed for the night, we were able to again leave him under my Great-Aunt's care and return to the hospital to see about the admission progress and Great-Grandpa's prognosis. We arrived just as they were finishing up all the paperwork and were able to walk with him up to his room in the Vascular Unit. Once he was settled, we learned from his nurse that his heart was a concern as well - a condition we were previously unaware of. As of now, he is being carefully monitored and his nurses will update us as they can.

Originally, the plan was for us leave town this evening, off on our next adventure. However, given the circumstances, we've decided to stay the night and re-evaluate in the morning. If things are still going well, as they seem to be now, we'll be on our way before noon. For now, we just wait and see.

Before heading to the hospital, we took time for a quick photo 
of Great-Grandpa with RJ, myself, and my dear cousin.

RJ enjoyed some quality play time while Momma was away:

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