Friday, March 11, 2011

Surprise Visitors

At 4pm, I got a call from GG & Pop, saying that they were on their way through Mississippi and could they stop in and see us. How could we say no? They were going to stop in New Orleans for the night, and be to us tomorrow morning. We were ready.

I started some simple cleaning, knowing I needed to get my house ready for visitors [Aunt Boo and her beau are coming for a visit on Sunday anyway, so I just needed to step up my timeline a bit].

At 7pm, GG calls back. They're making better time than they anticipated, and would we mind if they just came on in tonight. Of course, we'd love to have them. But that also means that my house needs to be ready to company now. Time to get to work.

2 hours and much hurrying later, I have a lovely, presentable home, and grandparents arriving any minute. This pregnant Momma needs a drink!

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