Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The flatware in my parents' house has always been a bit hodge-podge. We replace what gets broken and/or lost with whatever is readily available and inexpensive - thus, after twenty-three years of marriage, there remain almost no matching sets.

Found in their flatware drawer are a few favorite pieces, gleaned from a lost airline which holds a special place in our hearts. Dubbed "the TWA ones", they are coveted by many. A total of 5 pieces - 2 knives and 3 forks - have taken up residence in our drawer and in our hearts. Many a time we have wished to be rid of "the wimpy ones" and indulge in the joy that the TWA flatware brings. 

We have had to share (and, at times, argue over) the few pieces for years now - until today. Today, we found that we could order a brand-new set of 8 place settings, each with 4 pieces. Oh, the excitement!

Fork, Knife, Tea Spoon, and Soup Spoon
When the new flatware arrives in the next few days, we'll finally be able to rid ourselves of the thin, flimsy pieces we've avoided anyway. And for the first time since I was a very small child, everyone will sit down to dinner with coordinated sets. My symmetrical mind has been put at ease.

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