Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On Carrying a Purse

Women carry purses so that everything we might possibly need is neatly contained in one easy-to-grab parcel. Mommas, as well, pack their essentials into a bag of holding in order to carry with them everything they need for themselves and their child(ren). So why is it that men insist on an entirely different system? 

After work, Husby came home and changed out of his uniform into 'civilian clothes'. We were headed out to dinner; I scooped up the diaper bag, ensuring we had everything RJ and I might need. Husby grabbed the toddler, and off we went. Upon arriving at the restaurant, however, a neglect was discovered. All of Husby's 'essentials' we back home, still in the pockets of his ABUs. If only the man carried a purse, he wouldn't have to worry about transferring items from 5 different pockets whenever he changed his clothes. I wonder if I could convince him of this ... ?

Note: We were able to pay for dinner, even though the man had no wallet, 
because I made sure I had mine before we left home. 
Ever prepared, this Momma is (or, at least, tries to be).

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