Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sick, Again

RJ's little body doesn't think he's seen enough doctors lately, and so developed a nasty cough to encourage me to find a new pediatrician. The clinic on-base handles all referrals, so we headed there first this morning to see about getting him seen. Two hours - and multiple visits to the same three offices - later, we finally got all the paperwork sorted out for us to be covered here in Kansas and no longer in Mississippi. We were allowed to see a nurse, who then tried to convince me that my child isn't actually sick and thus doesn't need to see a doctor. Um, no. There was no way I was going to accept that, and after kindly arguing with her for quite a few minutes, she reluctantly sent us to a neighboring town for an appointment with a family practitioner.

Less than two minutes with an actual doctor yielded a diagnosis of both a sinus infection and mild bronchitis. Um, yeah. That's what I thought, crazy base-clinic nurse. Prescriptions in hand, we arrived home tired and sad, ready for nap time. Get well soon, buddy. Momma misses her happy boy.

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