Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Broken Blackberry

My Blackberry is my sanity. It holds my phone book, my calendar, my email, my access to Facebook, and my Sudoku. It is my method of communication with the outside world - my ability to hold conversations with other adults while Hubby is away winning bread. I rely on it more than I should.

And it's broken.

Okay, not all-the-way broken; my texting ability is impaired. I can receive texts, but only sometime am I allowed to read them, and never am I allowed to send them. I use texting as a primary source of communicating. Little Man doesn't always cooperate when I pick up the phone to make a call - texting allows me to converse without the other party having to hear my son whining in the background. But now the old-fashioned phone call is my only option. This malfunction is seriously cramping my style!

Please, Mr. AT&T Man, fix my Blackberry?

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