Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fantastic Friends

Living in a hotel, we have had a limited supply of baby toys, so we've made do with what we brought with us. For the most part, we've had a play mat with three little toys hanging from a play gym.

When we first tried it out, Little Man would just lay on the play mat and stare at his 'friends', the toys suspended above him. Occasionally, he would try to talk to them, but there wasn't much interaction. I didn't think he was very interested in playing with them, so for the last few days we've been using the other toys that Grandma and Grandpa Browne brought with them on their visit.

This morning, I needed to put him down, and the only toy accessible was the play mat, so we gave it another try. What a change! He's now batting at his 'friends' intentionally, enjoying the tinkling sound made when they jiggle. He seems to talk to them as though he's actually saying something, and he gets confused when they don't talk back (since Momma and Daddy always do). Watching him learn is the most exciting part of my day.

It looks like I might not be getting my chores done today - I'm mesmerized by this tiny person enjoying his playtime.


  1. I feel your pain with the move and temporary housing! And it's just worse with kids! We lived for 4 months with our things in storage - staying with family and renting a furnished home- and then we spent 2 weeks in a hotel here in Okinawa, Japan with no toys - and with a 2 and 3 year old!! The things the military asks of us! :)I hope you get moved on base soon!!

  2. I knew you'd be able to empathize, Ingrid. :)